Friday, March 7, 2014

Infographics (Thing #15)

I Visual Info Touch

I love how this app is "designed specifically for tablets," but it is compatible with my Galaxy S4 and Infographics Hub is not.  Bummer.  Infographics Hub sounded awesome!  

After I watched the tutorial, I created a basic infographic.  Though the features are easy to use, there aren't many so you really are limited to creating very basic infographics.  Nothing more sophisticated than I could create in Word, PPT, or Publisher.  In addition, they were right when they said the app was designed for tablets.  The screen doesn't format correctly to my phone, so the buttons are really small  and hard to manipulate.  Rotating the screen doesn't change the orientation either. 

Nonetheless. My infographic.  (Based off of their example of social media channels in the tutorial)

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