Sunday, March 30, 2014

Discovering apps (Thing #22)

Droid of the Day
I've had the Droid of the Day app on my phone for more than a week now.  Each morning I wake up with an alert on my phone telling me what the app of the day is.  From the Dormi Baby Monitor to a game with physics (Domingos) to Mixology drink recipes, this app certainly gives you a variety.  You can also access the list of previous DOTD apps.  You're bound to stumble across something you just have to have...eventually! And in the meantime, you can laugh at all the stuff people spend their time creating, so others can spend their time wasting!

This app is more my speed.  I guess there's not a lot of browsing or serendipitous use on my phone.  Usually, I know what I'm looking for.  It's nice to know if there's an app I'm looking for, Quixey is the app to find it.  I'm guessing many of the apps for 23 Mobile Things MN were discovered using this app?

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