Thursday, January 30, 2014

Keepin' up! (Thing #4)

In all honesty, I actually never got into RSS.  Back in the day, I gave Google Reader a go but never really stuck with it.  Now that I'm actively logging into Blogger for this program, I've added other 23 Mobile Things MN blogs to  Blogger's "My Reading List" to follow.  

Other than that, for the most part, I've been using Twitter to keep up since...what 2009?   The MN and national library community seem to do a pretty good job of sharing related content there.   And if all of you are culling this great info from your RSS feeds for me to mooch off of...sorry and thank you.

I downloaded and tried both Zite and Flipboard.  Both were fine. Flipboard was better.  Neither were great.  I don't see either of them contributing crucial news I'm missing out on, but rather just another form of time-wasting!  I ended up deleting both of them. Though it would be interesting to see how/if the information became more relevant as the apps got smarter or learned more about me.   Maybe when I get a new phone

If you like to consolidate all of your social networking in one place, (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), for streamlining purposes, Flipboard is probably more for you.  As I mentioned in Thing #2, I prefer to keep my social media activities separate.  I log in to Twitter for interest-based news (libraries and MMA mostly), Facebook for personal news, Instagram for bored browsing of images (personal and celebrity).  As my audience is different for each of these social media platforms in the content I share, so are the sources different for the information I am seeking.  For this reason, if pressed, I would choose Zite over Flipboard...

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