Tuesday, January 21, 2014

23 Mobile Things MN: Thing #2 (Mobile Device Tips)

The primary device I will be using for 23 Mobile Things MN is my HTC Sensation.

By no means a new device,  by now, I should be pretty familiar with the device. Wow, was I shocked.  Regardless of how functional my device use is, there are plenty of cool features I didn't know about.  It's interesting to see what tips and tricks I was able to discover via websites/videos that I didn't discover in my own 2+ yrs of use.

My favorite video was "Nifty Tricks with HTC Sense"

Tip 1.  Navigate between the 7 home screens on the phone.  You can scroll among the 7 home screens on the phone, but if you don't want to keep scrolling, you can pinch and all 7 home screens will show up in mini-form.  Cool, but not that different than what I was doing before.  Rather than pinching, if I didn't want to scroll through the home screens, I would double tap the home button.  1x will take you to the true home screen, the 2nd tap will take you to the same mini-view.  Personally, tapping is easier than pinching in my book!

Tip 2.  Silencing a call.  To silence a call that you don't want to declince, you can simply turn the phone over on its screen.  LOVE IT.

Tip 3. Contacts book.  Viewing a contacts email, social updates, pictures, call history, and message threads all in one place.  I "knew" this was there, theoretically, but never really paid attention to it.  Again, I think that's because personally, it's not my favorite feature.  I am not a fan of social media "hubs" but prefer to go to Facebook for Facebook news, email for email, etc.  Also, it didn't tell me why the Facebook updates don't always sync.  Sometimes I will scroll through and see updates from days, weeks, months ago, when I know those contacts have posted an update on Facebook itself since then.

In the past, to take a screenshot on my Android, I've had to download a third party app, such as Screenshot Ultimate, which can be a pain, because the app takes up precious memory on my phone.  So, I searched for "HTC Sensation Screenshots" on Youtube and found this video "HTC Sensation Screen Shots-Unrooted."  In an update that rolled out after I had purchased my device, the ability to take a screen shot by holding down the Power button and the Home button.  Pretty easy!

As I was writing my blogpost tonight, I told my husband that I had been exploring tips for my device.  His immediate response, "find out how to take a screenshot!" Well, the nifty Power/Home button at the same time also works for his Galaxy Note II!  He also didn't know about silencing the phone by flipping it over, and was equally impressed with that trick.

Learned some pretty cool new tricks about my device after all, with the added bonus of helping my husband out too!  Probably, just in time to finally update to a new phone, but I'll take it.  Who knew?

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