Monday, February 17, 2014

Taking & Editing Photos (Thing #9)

LINE Camera

Holy buckets!  I don't know how/where I would use this professionally currently, but!  As someone with a hereditary double chin and dark circles under the eyes (thanks Sharbonno clan!), the Beauty feature is genius!  Overall, its a fun app with plenty of filters, frames, and other fun editing features.  If nothing else, a great place to spruce up your social media pics before posting.

The only thing missing is red eye reduction...which is about the only advantage Aviary has.

For both, I could do without the ads and the stamps/stickers.


Also a pretty cool tool, which I would love to use if I did more graphics/marketing for the library.  Maybe when I do my Stuffed Animal Sleepover this year, I can make it look like the animals got into paint?  I see kids especially getting a kick out of seeing things in different colors than they belong.

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