Friday, February 7, 2014

Creating & Editing Docs (Thing #6)

TRUTH: "When it comes to creating and editing documents, most people would probably still say they prefer using a computer over a mobile device. But there are some apps out there that are making creating and editing documents a little bit easier and we’re going to give you the heads up on some of them."

TRUTH: Polaris Office, which came on my Android phone, is not one of the above-mentioned "easier" apps.

I was really looking forward to exploring alternatives for Thing 6.

Cloud On
Sounds like a good place to start. I downloaded the app, created an account, and tried to add both my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts multiple times. Each time, this is what I got.

This left me very quickly frustrated. So over it. Moving on.

(I actually went back to the app the next day and both accounts had successfully been added, so I was able to poke around a little bit and it wasn't bad.  I don't know what the deal was in adding my accounts, but CloudOn had already lost me.)

Where CloudOn lost me, QuickOffice hooked me! Instantly. It was very intuitive, and making working not only in Word on my phone tolerable, but Xcel & PPT as well! Wow. Both accessing past files from my Google Drive & SD Card and creating and saving new ones were a breeze. 

A computer is still obviously the #1 choice for creating and editing docs, but I will  no longer feel limited to my computer.  I will definitely be using QuickOffice as my default app for opening these file types in the future!

A paper saving dream!

Where was SignNow when I was buying a house or planning a wedding? Seriously, with so many forms and contracts to sign, this would have been a huge savior.

I'm dreaming here, but I also would love to have a tablet at my library if for no other reason than for access to the SignNow app.

Currently, my library has a fax machine, but no scanner. The fax machine is connected to our one and only landline (there's hope of a new phone system in the near future!), so sending a fax prevents other patrons from contacting the library, staff from using the phone for other library-related duties, and requires staff time to send the fax.   In addition, with longer documents, the fax machine often times out and fails to send.  Printing & faxing also costs patrons $. Finally, many places patrons want to send their signed documents no longer even have fax machines.

Obviously, there would be some quirks and kinks to making SignNow a feasible option at work (patron instruction primarily), but a girl can dream, right?

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  1. Congrats on joining the program and already receiving your badge for completing the first five things...nicely done!

    Patricia Post