Thursday, February 27, 2014

Presentations (Thing #13)

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First things first, any presentation would be 100x's easier on a tablet than on a phone.  If I had a tablet, this would be a whole different story.  In no circumstance do I ever see myself creating a presentation on my phone.  Editing?  Maybe.  But from start to finish?  No way.

That said, for Thing 13, I played around with creating a combo presentation about how awesome 23 Things MN and Deck are.  And I have to say, even on my phone, I enjoyed using the app.  It was a painless experience.  And, Deck does have a desktop version.  The desktop and mobile versions look identical and have the same features. So a Deck account is still worth it for me.

If for no other reason than this.  Too much text is something we are all guilty of!  

Also, creativity.  Not so much my thing.  Having built in styles is a huge bonus.  The bummer?  Most of the Styles you have to purchase or download.

Favorite thing: the desktop version has a place where you can "Rescue a Powerpoint deck"

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